Integration Of Self-Order Kiosks And POS

Our good friend and partner, Juan Perez, CEO of Adusa, Inc., wrote a great article on the integration of self-order kiosks and point-of-sale systems, which is worth checking out.

With more and more quick service and fast casual restaurants offering diverse ordering channels, the question of integrating the different parts of a solution can be daunting. This is particularly the case for small- and medium-sized chains that may be more resource constrained or lack the buying power of large national chains.

In the article, Perez discusses two key areas of integration to consider and weighs the value of using self-ordering kiosk solutions from an existing POS vendor vs. using an independent QSR self-ordering solution that is integrated with the POS system.

Perez says the goal should be “to find the combination that provides the desired self-order kiosk function in a solution that is also well integrated with their POS, so as to mitigate issues with respect to cost, redundancy of data, support and long-term cost of ownership.”

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