Kioskology Announces Complete Kiosk Solution for the Small- and Mid-Sized Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurant Industry

GLENVIEW, Ill., May 18, 2018 – Kioskology, Inc., the most customizable kiosk solution for the food industry, today announced it is unveiling its new QSR Kiosk at the National Restaurant Association Show, May 19-22, 2018 in Chicago at ADUSA, Inc’s booth (#7278 in the North Hall). Kioskology’s new QSR Kiosk solution is designed specifically for small- and mid-sized quick service and fast casual restaurants.

“Most kiosk solutions for the restaurant industry are focused on large, national chains and aren’t offering the complete hardware-software solutions that meet the needs for small and mid-sized chains that have limited technology staff and budgets,” states Bob Curran, President of Kioskology. “We knew we could offer these restaurants affordable, low-maintenance kiosk solutions that are sleek, full of features, and support ADA compliance.”

The Kioskology QSR Kiosk offers a number of stand-out features:

Small- and Mid-market QSR and Fast Casual Focus – The Kioskology QSR Kiosk addresses significant kiosk implementation barriers for most small- and mid-sized QSRs: limited budget and time to integrate, deploy, and maintain self-order kiosks. Kioskology QSR Kiosks offer a one-stop-shop for these small- and mid-sized restaurants with the ability to provide a robust kiosk experience to their customers affordably and in a customized way that is unique to their store.

Customizable Options – The Kioskology QSR Kiosk solution comes standard with a sleek body, touch screen, printer, and payment pin-pad among others features. But Kioskology customers can also take advantage of its easy-to-remove acrylic face that allows for simple, customizable vinyl “skins” that restaurants can use to brand the kiosk and change with seasonal or promotional offers. Additionally, body colors come in a variety of standard options or can be customized to fit the restaurant’s brand and needs.

Full-featured – Kioskology has worked to anticipate the needs its restaurant customers would have in a QSR Kiosk. It offers ADA compliance support, and can also incorporate biometric scanning, facial recognition, customer assistance call buttons, LED indicators, a variety of sizes and mounting options, and more.

“Restaurants today are under increasing pressure to provide a seamless self-ordering experience across multiple channels for their guests,” says Juan Perez, President of ADUSA, Inc. “Our Qi software platform combined with the Kioskology QSR Kiosk, provides that full range of options to small- and mid-sized quick service restaurants at an affordable price point.”

For more information about all of the Kioskology kiosk solutions for the food industry please visit Kioskology at the ADUSA booth (#7278 in the North Hall) at the National Restaurant Association Show, May 19-22, 2018 in Chicago or visit

About Kioskology

Kioskology, Inc. offers the most customizable kiosk solutions for small- and mid-sized quick service and fast casual restaurants, and grocery fresh foods. Emphasizing complete hardware-software kiosk solutions, Kioskology kiosks are available in a variety of standard and customizable options and offer ADA compliance options. The Kioskology hardware is sleek and customizable, offering interchangeable vinyl “skins” that allow restaurants to change the look of their kiosks based on seasonal offerings or promotions. For more information, visit

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